Reading Week

It is important to inculcate the importance of reading in young minds at a very early stage.International reading week is celebrated with a week long activity schedule for all the sections.The LP Section conducts fancy dress competition where children dress up as their favourite character from books and also render their famous dialogues. For the older children , the activities include enacting scenes from famous books, talks by famous authors in Malayalam and English and group reading and analysis of books. In connection with this every year an award is given to the most avid reader of each section aptly named the ‘ Book Worm ‘ Award.

Our Founder Mrs. Nalini Chandran is a stern believer that there is not a better company that than a roof full of good books. She always insists on the importance to inculcate reading habits in children. As a step towards her vision Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School announces ‘Bookworm Award’ for the best readers in different sections. Bookworm Awards sponsored by Green Books is a trophy shaped like an open book, with a colourful bookwork spread across its length. Students from Class III to XII are given a bookworm booklet at the beginning of the academic year. They have to list the books they have read during the academic year with brief summaries and interesting words. They have to expound what they have imbibed from the books in interviews with various teachers. At the end of every academic year one outstanding student from each section are selected for the award.