Promotion & Evaluation

Assessment & Evaluation :

in tune with the National Policy on Education 1986/92,School-based evaluation shall cover both the scholastic and
non-scholastic aspects of the pupil’s growth.The nature of scholastic evaluation will be based on Regular Assessments,Bimonthly Assignments, Tests and Terminal Exams. Portions for the 3 Terminal Examinations will be entered in the respective note books by the Subject Teachers as and when needed.

Promotion Requirements

Promotion will be given on the basis of the Cumulative Achievement level of the work done during the year.

Classes IX to Xll will follow the Board Exam Pattern.

Students must score a minimum of 40% in all the subjects in the monthly work as well as the Terminal Examinations

Project Work

Every child from Class I to Vlll will do one project a year per subject. The theme will be given by the subject teacher. The major part of the project work is expected to be done in school itself. Parents are requested to guide their young ones without over-doing the help. The project work should not place a financial strain on the parent. The child and the teacher should be sensible enough not to make any unreasonable and expensive demands.

The main idea of the Project Work is to make the children innovative and observant. They are expected to use material readily available at home or school.

The project work of IX to Xll will be based on Board Exam requirements.

COMPUTER study has been introduced from Class III upwards.