Admission And Withdrawal

  1. The Management reserves to itself the right to admit or refuse pupils seeking admission to the school. Similarly, the Management decides when the question of retaining or detaining a student in the school is raised. Admission to Class I from the Hari Sri Nursery is only a privilege & should not be treated as a right.

  2. Pupils seeking admission to higher classes may be tested on the syllabus of the standard below the one for which they seek admission. Admission to school is granted after a test and strictly on merit.

  3. Admission is confirmed only on the production of the Transfer Certificate and the latest Progress Report from the school last attended.

  4. IMPORTANT : Transfer Certificate

  5. Application for Transfer Certificate mustbe made by the parent/authorized guardian in the prescribed form.
  6. A clear one month’s notice must be given for the Transfer Certificate. The Transfer Certificate of a student will be issued only during office hours after verifying that all dues to the school have been cleared.

    OFFICE HOURS : 8 am. to 3 pm.