Principal’s Desk

Mrs.Preetha Venugopal PRINCIPAL
“Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world “ Nelson Mandela
We, at Hari Sri, firmly believe that we can change the world through our children. We seek to bring about holistic development in our students, who, as adults, will make a positive impact on the society. Through a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities, we aim to hone their cognitive, social, aesthetic, emotional and imaginative skills. The domains we focus on are:-

1) To arouse wonder and curiosity in young minds
2) To coax our children to explore, learn, update and introspect
3) To empower them to question rigid ideas and facts
4) To teach them to be inclusive and to respect differences
5) To instil the principles of environmental etiquettes and sustainable utilisation of resources
6) To inculcate a sense of righteousness and patriotism in them
7) To encourage them to respect everyone, regardless of their age

The Hari Sri team works constantly and diligently to achieve the high standards that we have set for ourselves in every field. We function on the principle of our Founder Principal Ms.Nalini Chandran that every child is unique and special. May God help us to provide the children nurtured by us with colourful and everlasting memories of their school life.