Founder Director


Every child is gifted in some way or other. They just unwrap their packages at different times.
Our students, teachers and official staff, parents, Mentors and above all the Hari Sri Vidhya Nidhi Trust Members (old&new) have upheld and are still surging ahead with Hari Sri’s intrinsic principles and values. A few changes have been brought into the Almanac as we are aware that when we move on the old order has to change, yielding place to new, “lest one good custom should corrupt the world”. The school runs on smooth tracks for which we owe a lot to the Hari Sri Vidhya Nidhi Executive Committee as well as the parental Body. The CCCP is growing into a mature body, working hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, with the School Management and Authorities.

Let me conclude with the universal quote that all children, teachers and parents should believe in:
“Mathru devo bhava:
Pithru devo bhava
Acharya debo bhava:
Athithi devo bhava:”
God bless!
Nalini Chandran