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Non – Scholastic Aspects

  1. S.U.P.W. Socially Useful and Productive Work is an integral part of our school curriculum. This subject is compulsory for all candidates in order to get the Pass certificate of the |.C.S.E. and l.S.C. Examination.
  2. We have divided the S.U.P.W. into various sections.

  • ART & CRAFT : This will include drawing, painting,dancing, singing, handwork etc.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE : Apart from keeping the classroom and school premises neat and tidy, the schedule for each class can be planned and executed by the respective Class Teachers and Section Heads. Children are expected to take care of their respective class rooms. The traditional Once -a — Term cleaning and washing of the School has been revived on a shift basis where-in children, teachers (and those parentswho wish to) will work together. This will encourage a unique student— teacher rapport
  • Vocational skills like carpentry, tyre changing, puncture repair etc. will be introduced from this year onwards.
  • Gardening: Vegetable Gardening will be part of this year’sPlus Two non-scholastic scheme.

School Library :

Students should try to derive the maximum benefit from the school library. They are advised to use the reading room
during their free time. Motivation is expected from the Teachers,Parents & the Library-in-Charge.

Sports & Games :

To inculcate a healthy competitive atmosphere and ambience, the school is divided into 4 Houses: GANGA(Red),GODAVARI (Green), KAVERI (Yellow) & KRISHNA (Blue).Smart shorts and T -shirts of various houses will add colour andsparkle to the Sports and Games Department. Track suits havebeen introduced for girls from Class V” onwards.

Regular games & PT periods will continue as before.However, group games like Basketball, Volleyball, Football and
Badminton will be taken more seriously. Now that the school hasits own Basketball as well as Badminton / Table Tennis courts,healthy Class/House competition will be scheduled on a regular basis. (Isn’t it time that Hari Sri produced a Saina Nehwal, l.M. Vijayan or P.T. Usha?) Indoor Skill Games like Chess, Sudoku/Crossword are part of this year’s vision.

YogaI Karate & Aerobics:

Physical fitness programmes like Yoga, Karate andAerobics are part of the curriculum from Class VI upwards.

Life Skills:

Lectures and Workshops to impart “Life Skills” will beorganised for senior students. Guidance talks and movies are part of this years schedule from Class Vlll onwards.


Visits to places of social importance (railway stations,airports, museums etc.) / once a month movies / picnics & excursions have been planned for all classes at their respective age levels. Apart from the normal competitions children will be introduced to contests based on skill, common sense and sheer enjoyment. Participation will be emphasised on, not merely winning or losing.